News from the Chicago Chapter

IREM Chicago-Sponsored Workshop Offered Skills on How to Take Leadership to the Next Level

Afternoon Presentation May 10 Led by Dr. Debbie Phillips, CPM®,
 Nationally-Recognized CRE Manager and Educator


Leaders today need to keep focused on a clear, defined plan to build and retain a successful team. Remaining active and engaging with team members will result in tenure for team members.

Those thoughts summarize the strategies presented during “Next Level Leadership,” an afternoon workshop held May 10 at IREM Chicago headquarters.  Dr. Debbie Phillips, CPM®, a nationally-recognized real estate consultant, advisor and educator from Atlanta, led the workshop.

The event attracted more than 30 participants, including members of the IREM Chicago leadership team.

Here are some key points presented by Dr. Phillips during the “Next Level Leadership” workshop:

Strategies for Building a Successful Team

  • Hire employees who compliment your skills, not prospects who are just like you.
  • Regularly inventory those in your circle/team.
    • Who’s worth investing in?
    • Who do you need to motivate?
    • Who can you coach up or coach out?
  • Invest in employees who someday may surpass you.
  • Recruit like-minded people who are willing to share knowledge.

Remain Active in Talent Development

  • Recruiting:  Constantly employ the internship concept: “Try before you buy.”
  • Selection: Past performance is a predictor of future performance.
  • Develop/educate: Meet with your team at least four times annually for training.  Never sit across from the team member; sit next to the person.
  • Retaining:  Five Sound “Drivers of engagement.”
  1. Does the job fit and allow the employee to do the best work?
  2. Tools and Equipment. Do employees have the tools they need to do the job effectively?
  3. Mentor and coach regularly.
  4. Does every team member have a best friend at work?
  5. Employees need to understand the next step. They need to know, “How am I going to learn and grow?”

IREM Chicago 2018 Secretary Stephen Schimmel, CPM®, attended the “Next Level Leadership” workshop and recalled these two takeaways:

  • Results matter.  If you are not using evidence-based decision making in leadership decisions, how do you know if your practices are working?

  • What did you fail at this week?  We need to celebrate our successes and our failures, because that’s where growth happens.   If we are not failing occasionally, we are not pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. This is how we get better personally and corporately.

And, IREM Chicago 2017 President Angela Aeschliman, CPM®, shared these remembrances:

  • “Is your ladder leaning on the right wall,” Dr. Phillips asked the participants. Given personal responsibilities and time committed to work, are you allocating time effectively?

  • Persuasion can be enhanced by these three factors: Credibility; data, logic and statistics; and story-telling appeal to emotions.

  • “Use a craftsman’s mentality” to achieve leadership success, Dr. Phillips noted. Oftentimes, professionals head in too many directions to be effective. Take time to craft what you want to communicate, detail the message then execute it.