Programs & Events Committee

The Programs and Events Committee supports the Executive Council by researching, recommending and supporting the implementation of program topics for quarterly member events, to include networking and IYP events as well as assists the Golf Committee and PREMIER Awards committee.

This committee is responsible for making certain that the meetings and programming is meeting the member needs, and scheduled in advance allowing members to plan to attend. The desired result is increased membership, attendance and member’s satisfaction.

Membership & Education Committee

The Membership & Education Committee supports member recruitment, outreach, and retention to include new member application interviews and approvals, candidate guidance, education promotion and increase class enrollment.

This committee is expected to look ahead and introduce new ideas that will help recruit new members and stabilize member retention, as well as encourage member participation in meetings, events and educational offrings. Finally, this committee is the face of the organization, developing and implementing ways of professionally reaching out to prospects and members in a personal way.

Legislative Oversight Committee

The Legislative Oversight Committee has its finger on the pulse of the laws and political changes that can impact the property management arena, and reports back the membership.

This committee is asked to be aware of the local and national policy making that creates, changes or enhances the laws that allow property managers to be successful. The goal would be that the information this committee gleans would be shared in a way that other property managers will understand the impacts and make the necessary adjustments in the way they vote and the way they do business and also keep their owners informed.

Premier Awards Committee

The Premier Awards Committee is responsible for the planning and promotion of the annual Premier Awards dinner.

Annual Golf Outing Committee

The Golf Committee is responsible for the overall planning and promotion of the annual Golf Outing which includes the selection and confirmation of the site, menus, awards, silent auction items, and scheduling of the day's events.

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