News from the Chicago Chapter

Insight From IREM 2021 Advocacy Impact Day Offers Guidelines for the Year Ahead

Posted by [email protected] on 03/23/2021 1:32 pm  

On March 9, IREM hosted the Advocacy Impact Day, a virtual event that featured presentations on the economy and impact of the pandemic on commercial real estate, along with guidance on organizing meetings with members of Congress and their staff. IREM Chicago President-Elect Colleen Needham, CPM&...

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IREM Chicago - 2020 Year in Review

Posted by [email protected] on 12/30/2020 2:52 pm  

The year 2020 started out like most others; but by the end of the first quarter, the world as we knew it began to change dramatically. IREM Chicago responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, financial downturn, and civil unrest by staying focused on providing members and Industry Partners with support, edu...

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IREM Chicago Debuts Committee to Engage Industry Partners

Posted by [email protected] on 11/30/2020 12:28 pm  

The more than 50 Industry Partner companies that are part of the IREM Chicago chapter network will gain formal representation in 2021 through the establishment of a new committee.  The Industry Partner Action Committee (IPAC) was formed to help strengthen the existing member network through t...

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Goals for 2021 Are to Reconnect, Re-Engage and Re-Invigorate IREM Chicago Members

Posted by [email protected] on 11/04/2020 12:00 am  

    By Steve Schimmel, CPM®IREM Chicago 2021 President In late July, I and IREM Chicago Administrator Teri Lind participated in the Chapter Management Bootcamp, an online training program offered by IREM. The focus of the event was to learn about new tools and resources, gain ins...

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Memories of a Tumultuous 2020, and Encouragement Toward a Better 2021

Posted by [email protected] on 11/02/2020 11:10 am  

    By Angela Aeschliman, CPM®IREM Chicago 2020 PresidentMy role as President of the Chicago IREM chapter has been much like my work experiences: Rewarding, challenging, and at times, overwhelming. We started the new year with an installation at the Chicago Botanical gardens, the...

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