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Report from IREM Spring 2016 Legislative and Leadership Summit: Preserving Ethics Among IREM Members

Posted by StarChapter on 04/14/2016 12:00 am  

By Timothy Kramer,  ARM®, CPM® Candidate
Draper and Kramer, Incorporated

This past April, I attended the IREM Spring Leadership and Legislative Summit in Washington, DC.  It was a wonderful event, full of learning and networking opportunities.  In fact, I came away feeling better about our organization than I ever have.  Here’s why: You are a member of an organization that protects you by maintaining the standards and integrity represented by the ARM® and CPM® individual designations, as well as the AMO® designation.

I am a new member of the Ethics Hearing and Discipline Board.  For those who may not know, if a member of IREM is accused of failing to live up to the code of ethics that we all affirm, the complaint goes through a rigorous process that ensures it is handled with great care and dignity for all parties involved.

The process itself is described in great detail at  I will not go into that sort of detail.  But, what is not described in that process and what many may not understand is the care with which these issues are handled.

At my very first Ethics Hearing and Discipline Board hearing, I found myself sitting amongst a most impressive cross-section of IREM members.  There were past national presidents, local chapter leaders, residential managers, commercial managers, you name it!  About the only thing we all had in common (apart from our IREM membership and dedication) was the desire to carry out this important task as seriously as possible.  Every one of the Board members had done their homework, was thoroughly engaged and asked questions of both the respondent and complainant that were thorough and always without any prejudice or bias.

Similarly, the Board’s deliberation allowed every single member a voice and a chance to ask questions and discuss the issues among each other.  Viewpoints from both the complainant and the respondent were thoroughly discussed.  Their statements were weighed and, perhaps most importantly, IREM’s code of Ethics was continuously referred to as we worked to render a decision on each of the alleged violations.

As IREM members, we have a duty to uphold the Code of Ethics.  Additionally, we have a duty to report any violations of the Code.  Rest assured, that alleged ethics violations are given all due process and know that IREM volunteers are working hard to help ensure that your CPM®, ARM®, or AMO® designation continue to represent the best of our industry.