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Nurturing the Next Generation: IREM 2018 Midwest Regional Meeting Recap

Posted by [email protected] on 05/22/2018 12:00 am  




By Jenn Corcio-McFarlane, ARM®, CAM
Ansonia Property Management
IREM Chicago Executive Council


During the IREM Regional Meeting May 1 to 3 in Indianapolis, I along with other IREM Chicago executive council members heard various speakers share valuable insight: The benefits of being a member of IREM; what they stand for as leaders and experiences gained though different approaches to give back to the property management profession; how to help IREM grow by attracting new members; and, practices that have proven successful for the attending chapters.

I enjoyed the various sessions, especially the small focus groups, where each roundtable was able to brainstorm ideas and come up with strategies to share with the entire room regarding the given topic.  In one session, my table discussed how to get younger people involved. 

We found out that one way to meet and attract new members is to attend college club events, but not only events sponsored by real estate-focused clubs.  We were advised to attend events held by any business, accounting or economics club, as those are disciplines that are involved in the real estate industry.  We also learned that the Indianapolis Chapter has been very successful in this area by having young members visit the college clubs, as young college students can relate to them better. 

There were a few quotes that stick out in my head from the conference, and I would like to put them into use:


Don’t think outside the box! Think like there is no box!

It starts with One!

The Extra Degree 212°

I am thankful for the opportunity to attend this conference to learn more about IREM’s vision, strategic plan and re-branding, and to get to meet other leaders in the industry. 

I loved that everyone who presented stated what they stand for, and I would like to share that I stand for doing the right thing as well as paying it forward.  I am a huge advocate for personal growth and I like to help others succeed!